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Table of Contents FEATURED PAGES: What's Cool & NEW!

Computer & Lab Training: Procedures & Tips

Mac Mobile Lab: Training & Resources

Eeek! Where is that Stuff?! (on the Campus Folder)

Personal Learning Networks: Nings & Things

Converting DOCX to Docs: Darn those Microsoft People!

Document Camera Magic: Oooooh Lovely!

iWeb Tutorial and How to Backup iWeb Pages

Wiki Web Design: Web 2.0 best practice or just lazy? DISCUSSION

Wiki's in Plain English - Video!

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CLC: Navigating and Using our First Class Mail

CLC: Download *NEW* Version
CLC Rulz: Dress Up Your CLC First Class Desktop & Mail
CLC Connection Trouble Shooting: "Sorry there is no First Class user by that name check your connection setup"
CLC: Teacher Webpages
CLC: Adding a Conference

iPhoto Tech Tips! - how to reduce the size of your pics using iPhoto!


Flipping Over the Flip Video Camera! Tips & Tricks to Use and import into iMovie (UPDATE! 8.08 NEW Flip Mino!)

Many Voices, Many Stories, & Many Lands: a 6th Grade English Folklore Unit

Prof Dev Spring 09: BEST of MICCA, County Prof Dev Day & More!

MUVE: Synchronous Online Collaborative Learning Environments to Support Teaching - in First Life and Second Life

external image paintedhandsPosterMED.jpg Cultural Proficiency

external image KickYoutubeWiki.jpgKICK YouTube!

Ever want to show a video to your class but it's on YouTube and

YouTube is blocked by your firewall? Well, download it on your HD in a few easy steps and play it as an MP4! (click graphic to the left) From my blog Library Media Tech Musings

Library Media Tips, Tricks, & Resources:

a Virtual Tour of Murray Hill Middle School - MICCA Grant Winner!

Discovery Steaming & Teacher Tube

How to Find the Discovery Streaming Folder of COOL Stuff on the Server

Discovery Streaming - The Basics and Getting Started in Your Classroom

Using Discovery Streaming

Teacher Tube

Tech Trouble Shooting & How To Tips

iWeb Tutorial and How to Backup iWeb Pages

• Do you know how much space you have left on the server?

Mobile Lab Training

Back Up Your Files!
Airport Magic
Creating an iTunes Playlist
Sharing iTunes on a Network
Sharing iTunes COMIC STYLE!
Baytripping With Thinkport!
Keyboard Zoom!

PBS Frontline: Growing Up Online 1.22.08

Did you know? The NEW vision of tech for our Millenium Generation
Comic Life! : adding a graphic element to your instruction
Biography Unit featuring
Comic Life!
All About iWeb
DC-101: Digital Camera Basics, Buying, and Use in the Classroom
Burning Backup Disks/Files

The Podcasting & Wiki Beginner Pages:

What's a Blog? the lowdown on what it is and how you can use it in the classroom

What's a Wiki? Well, you're reading one! But how are they different than a Blog?

Podcasting, Blogging, & Wiki's, Oh My!
What is Podcasting? & Uses in the Classroom
Podcasting with Powerpoint
Podcasting Links & Examples
How to Use Odeo Studio!


TeacherEase Tips & Tricks


Marks and TeacherEase
Download Marks Comments Sheet

TV Production:

USB Drives: the In, the Outs, and the Abouts

Have you seen our Media Blog?

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Cool Books Middle School Reads 08...for kids! (and grown-ups, too!)

Other Important Wikis and Tech HCPSS Web Pages

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HCPSS Research Databases
HCPSS Middle School Media Wiki
Beth DeFrancis Web Page
Free Online Resources
Blogging 101

NECC Conference Atlanta07

About Me
About our Media Center

We <3 Our Global Visitors!

Teachers: Want your own WIKI?

"Now we're taking the next step - we want to give away 100,000 free K-12 Plus wikis. That includes all the features and benefits that normally cost $50/year - for free. No fine print, no usage limits, no advertising, no catches.
Try a wiki at your school, and help us spread the word.
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HCPSS Teachers! See Me for your own HCPSS Wiki!!!

MHMS School main webpage

MHMS backflip site featuring our research resources and databases and 100's of folders over a 1000 links

MHMS smugmug digital photo gallery

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HCPSS Middle School Media Wiki

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So, what is steampunk?

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"Steampunk lives in the reincarnated collective past of shadows and ignored alleys. It is a historical wunderkabinet, which promises, like Dr. Caligari's, to wake the somnambulist of the present to the dream-reality of the future. We are archaeologists of the present, reanimating a hallucinatory history."

"It's the Victorian era not as it was but as it should have been" - Shaunathan Sprocket - New Babbage

Steampunk Laptop
Wired has an awesome collection of photos depicting the wonderful world of steampunk mod